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    27 Jul 2017

    36 Things That Are Like Mini-Orgasms For People Who Love Makeup

    There's nothing quite like a totally empty tube of concealer.

    Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

    1. Perfecting your winged liner in one single, clean stroke.

    2. And even better, when both of your wings match up perfectly.

    3. Putting on your mascara and getting none on your eyelid.

    4. Gluing your fake lashes on perfectly the first time you try.

    5. And finally being able to rip them off after a long day.

    6. Taking your makeup off and seeing how dirty your makeup wipe is.

    7. Unwrapping a brand new lipstick, and it looking pristine and perfect.

    8. Or having the designs on your blush/bronzer still visible because you haven’t used it enough yet.

    9. Opening a fresh eyeliner, and seeing the point so crisp and fine.

    10. And hearing that ~wet~ sound when you pump a brand new mascara.

    11. Washing your Beautyblender and having it return to its original colour.

    12. Or watching all the product run down the sink as you rinse your brushes.

    13. Getting a new palette and swatching all the colours for the first time.

    14. Or walking out of a makeup store feeling accomplished with a hand covered in swatches.

    15. Proudly looking your makeup after you spent ages organising it all.

    16. And lining up all your lip products in colour order just to appreciate the beauty.

    17. Finding a matte lipstick that’s actually matte and doesn’t crack every time you move your lips.

    18. And using a lip gloss that’s actually glossy but not hella sticky.

    19. Finally finding that perfect nude lipstick after hunting for so long.

    20. And applying a red lip that’s perfect for your skin tone.

    21. Watching a makeup tutorial and seeing them use products you already own.

    22. Or ones that are actually affordable.

    23. Recommending a product to a friend and having them really love it.

    24. Or finally getting yourself the raved-about product that’s ALWAYS sold out.

    25. Putting on a lipstick perfectly in your lip line without a liner.

    26. And having it stay in place after you eat or drink.

    27. Better yet, checking if your teeth for lipstick stains and seeing nothing.

    28. Finding makeup you thought you'd lost in a random bag.

    29. Seeing your tube of concealer COMPLETELY empty.

    30. Putting your shirt on after you do your makeup and not staining the neckline.

    31. Finishing a bomb-ass makeup look and sealing the deal with a spritz of setting spray.

    32. And having your makeup look the same in natural AND artificial light.

    33. Having someone recognise the makeup product you’re wearing just by looking at it.

    34. Or feeling accomplished when you do the same.

    35. Getting the perfect selfie of your masterpiece after you finish the beat down.

    36. And having other women notice and appreciate your hard work with compliments.


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