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21 Clapbacks From 2018 That Were So Strong They Left Me Winded

Drama, come get your piping hot drama!

1. When Kim just had no time for Lamar's bullshit:

2. And when Wendy's shaded the hell out of the competition:

3. When comedian Chris D'Elia took down Logan Paul with just 15 sweet words:

At least when my career dies you can film it and put it on YouTube.

4. When Halsey really just couldn't be fucked with Perez Hilton anymore:

5. And when Lupita Nyong'o's brother showed the importance of word choice:

6. When this dude's attempt to troll Walmart really went sour:

7. When Michael B Jordan cleared up a few things:

8. When Katie Hopkin's whole insolvency deal to avoid bankruptcy thing really derailed her attempted drag of Meghan Markle:

9. When Chrissy Teigen refused to let some free model coaching pass her up:

10. And when Chrissy explained to a hater that it's possible know, just not look if you don't like something:

11. When this doctor dragged the NRA for basically telling doctors to stay out of gun control conversations:

12. And then when another doctor told Ann Coulter to get out after she tried to add her unnecessary two cents in:

13. When Monica Lewinsky threw all types of shade:

14. And when Hillary Clinton poked a lil' fun at herself:

15. When P!nk went and compared the pair:

16. When KJ Apa's roast of Cole Sprouse completely backfired on him:

@commentsbycelebs / Via

17. And when Hilary Duff's man defended himself and his...assets:

@commentsbycelebs / Via

18. When Kourtney Kardashian had the time despite her busy schedule:

@kourtneykardash / Via

19. When Netflix showed Conan O'Brien that they were one and the same:

20. When Nicki Minaj exposed and put her ex, Safaree, on blast all over Twitter.

21. And when Smash Mouth proved they're the realest:

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