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    People Are Applying Their Makeup With Condoms And I Just Don't Know Anymore

    Look, I'm just as confused as you are.

    First we had the Beautyblender, then came the SiliSponge, and now we have...condoms?

    I feel like we're just moving backwards now.

    Yep, the newest beauty trend is literally placing your makeup sponge in a condom so it wastes less product.

    Beauty Vixxen / Via

    Makeup sponges are great, but they tend to soak up a lot of product. The SiliSponge is good but it's not as bouncy as a makeup sponge. And I mean, if you have condoms, I guess they're...there if you want to use them for your makeup?

    But tbh, and rightly so, people aren't really convinced by it.

    ok I can get behind supporting most makeup trends for the fun of it but I'm having a tough time backing up the condom applicator guys

    Just saw a girl on Instagram put her beauty blender in a condom and blend her makeup in with it... please stop 😩😂😂

    Because let's be real, it's pretty extra.

    Can someone please explain to me why the fuck people are doing their makeup w a condom wrapped around a beauty blen…

    These beauty 'hacks' are getting out of hand, just watched a lass do her makeup with a condom on a beauty blender.. 😂

    She used.... a condom.. to apply her foundation. I wanna fight all of makeup ig

    Because it just doesn't really make much practical sense.

    The whole purpose of a beauty sponge is to absorb any excess product and blend it out if you don't want that use a brush not a condom???¿¿

    Yeah, sure, my clients won't freak out when I use a condom to apply foundation on their faces.

    But at least now boys will finally know what this strange thing is.