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    17 Memes You’ll Relate To If 2017 Has Already Not Gone To Plan

    2018, wya?

    1. You told yourself you'd enter the new year optimistic despite being absolutely defeated by 2016.

    @hoenest / Via

    2. And even though you really considered just leaving yourself behind in 2016, you persevered.

    @_lmaomynigga / Via

    3. You tried to end the year by staying low-key to make sure no more bad could happen to you.

    @hoenest / Via

    4. Yet you still somehow woke up looking like absolute shit on the first day of 2017.

    @daquan / Via

    5. But regardless, you tried to remain positive about the next 12 months.

    @Makonenn Sam / Via

    6. Even with all your resolutions dying out a lot faster than you had hoped for.

    @bretmanrock / Via

    7. Sure, you took a moment, or two, to contemplate whether you should've broken them...

    http://@tank.sinatra / Via

    8. ...but you settled for the fact that at least the thought was there.

    @sluttyxjay / Via

    9. Because you realised there's no point in changing yourself completely.


    10. Even if, in only a few short days, you already sabotaged all your 2017 plans.

    @_lmaomynigga / Via

    11. Aside from all your broken resolutions, two days into 2017 you were already struggling with the concept of time.

    @nochill / Via

    12. And you really just didn't know what to do and when.

    http://@tank.sinatra / Via

    13. The exhaustion from the hot pile of garbage that was 2016 had you struggling to get through anything in 2017.

    @Makonenn Sam / Via

    14. Almost as if bad things were already written in the stars for you.

    @highlytrue / Via Twitter: @highlytrue

    15. And although 2017 has already hit you like a ton of bricks...

    @sluttyxjay / Via

    16.'re optimistic that it still has potential.

    @joelgolby / Via Twitter: @joelgolby

    17. Because if Betty White can survive 2016, you can surely survive the next year.

    http://@tank.sinatra / Via

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