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    19 Photos You'll Recognise If You Ever Used The Internet In The 2000s

    How's my Neopet gonna be starving but reject a free omelette? Smh.

    1. Telling everyone to stay off the home phone and waiting patiently for the dial-up to connect.

    2. Never being able to make out what your fucking Captcha said on the first go.

    3. Then FINALLY getting through the Captcha, and having to wait forever to get your download.

    4. Which, tbh, never ended up being right anyway.

    @_calev / Via Twitter: @nikanaynayyyyy

    5. And that's only if you weren't hit with 16,000 pop-ups for clicking the wrong download button.

    6. Experiencing a minor heart attack while watching a car wind down a nice, scenic drive.

    7. And having a major one while trying to navigate a tiny dot down a narrow maze.

    8. Spending time decking out your Dollzmania doll with the flyest clothes and hairstyles out there.

    9. Or running your own lemonade stand on Cool Math Games while you were at school.

    10. Neglecting your Neopets for a few days then feeling really bad when you saw them starving.

    11. But then getting mad because they were being picky little shits when you tried to help.

    12. Not being able to avoid this friendly motherfucker wherever you went.

    13. And forever reorganising your MySpace Top 8 whenever you were mad and wanted to be petty.

    14. Spending way too long customising your Bebo skin and trying to decide who to "Share the Luv" with.

    GUYS!!! ... I'm going through some old stuff for a video & I found a screenshot of my bebo profile from 2008 .... H…

    Via Twitter: @GrumpyKatarina

    15. Getting annoyed that MSN Messenger wouldn't let you nudge your friends nonstop.

    16. Then struggling to decide on the perfect way to annoy the shit out of them.

    17. And constantly sending stickers to make sure your friends really couldn't ignore you.

    18. Strategically setting your AIM and MSN statuses to something dramatic so your crush would notice you.

    19. And before Tinder popped up, you became accustomed to talking to randoms on Omegle and ChatRoulette.

    Via Twitter: @dankbonnet

    With a large side of dicks. So many dicks.

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