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    14 Tips Everyone With A Beautyblender Needs To Know

    It's the only dabbing I do.

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    1. The Beautyblender comes in four variants and they all have a different use.

    * The Original pink blender is perfect for liquid and powder products, and the limited-edition red blender has the same structure as the pink.

    * The Pure is the white blender with no dyes specifically made for sensitive skin and for skincare application.

    * The Pro is the black blender intended for darker products like self-tanner that would be hard to remove from the lighter sponges.

    * The Micro Mini is the smaller green blender that is made for smaller places at a quarter of the size of the others.

    2. However, you don't need to waste money on buying a micro when the original can do the same job.

    While the micro blenders can be useful tools, the original-sized blenders work just as well if you simply squeeze the pointed end. It will create a similar shape as the micro and allow you to get into those smaller areas around the eyes.

    3. Use a paper towel to make sure your sponge isn't too wet or too dry.

    You want the sponge to be light and fluffy. The finish of your foundation will change if the sponge is too wet, and if it's too dry the product will absorb into the blender, making it harder to transfer onto your face.

    4. Use warm water in the winter and cold water in the summer.

    Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

    Warm water will help heavier or thicker formula foundations melt (specifically mousse and whipped foundations), and the cold water will feel more refreshing during the hotter months.

    5. To avoid rips and tears, squeeze to remove excess water.

    Never wring out your Beautyblender, because the opposing motion causes strain on the sponge and is the cause for the most damage.

    6. Apply foundation to your hand rather than directly onto the sponge.

    Dabbing the sponge into product as opposed to pumping product directly onto your Beautyblender allows for less waste, the ability to make sure you have the exact foundation colour, and more even coverage.

    7. Press the sponge into the skin rather than sweeping it across.

    Sweeping the blender creates streaks and lines on the skin surface, whereas pressing allows for a natural finish and is much more gentle on your skin.

    8. The Beautyblender is not limited to only foundation and concealer โ€“ it can also be used for cream contour, blush, and highlight.

    Use the blender to buff out contour once the lighter products, like foundation and concealer, have been applied. The pointed tip means that carving out cheekbones can be more precise than a big buffing brush.

    9. An everyday bar of soap is all you need to clean it.

    A bar of soap is a cheap and effective cleaning method for the Beautyblender. Simply run it across a soap bar a few times, rinse, and repeat. The hard nature of the soap is strong enough to remove product. So while you can buy specific cleaners, and baby shampoo may work wonders, a bar of soap is the way to go.

    10. You should wash your sponge right after you use it and use the packaging as a drying stand.

    Place your freshly cleaned blender on the top of the packaging. The hole design of the packaging allows for effective aeration and drying, meaning once dry the sponge will drop back into its packaging, preventing mould and bacterial growth.

    11. It's very normal for colour to run from your sponge as you wash it.

    Colouring running from the sponge as you clean it is totally normal. The dye is safe for the environment and will not transfer onto your skin or clothing.

    12. However, you should replace your Beautyblender every few months, or once it starts to look and feel quite different.

    While colour running from everyday use is normal, total discolouration is a sign that your Beautyblender needs replacing. Also, once the sponge starts to break down and lose its egg shape, you should probably go and grab a new one.

    13. You can use the sponge dry to apply powder under the eyes for baking.

    The dense nature of the sponge when dry means you can pack loose powder under the eyes more easily. Plus the pointed tip allows for more precision in such a tricky area!

    14. And to save your makeup efforts, you can use the Beautyblender when dry to correct heavy-handed powder application.

    Going against the rules of the wet Beautyblender, drag the sponge over dark blush or bronzer to remove excess powder and to smooth out the application.

    Happy blending! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

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