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11 Colourful Tutorials That'll Help You Perfect Your Mardi Gras Look

Go on, sprinkle a little rainbow into your life.

1. Try your hand at a rainbow eyeshadow look to help show your support.


2. Or you can opt for drawing a literal rainbow on your lids.


3. If that's not really your style, go for a rainbow winged liner.


4. Or if you've got a steady hand and a whole lot of patience, maybe a rainbow helix wing is the way to go.


5. Step up your lipstick game with a glossy rainbow lip.

@Monique Matos

6. Or pack some glitter on those bad boys to light up the night.


7. Try water marbling for unique nail designs literally no one else will have.

@Yagala S

8. Or whip out your highlighters for a super easy DIY rainbow nail.

@Simply Nailogical

9. Sure, brows are good, but colourful glitter-brows are even better.


10. But if you don't want to fiddle with glitter for ages, you can try a colour burst mask look for the night.

@Julia Graf

11. Or if you want to be the one who does the absolute most, you can recreate the rainbow Snapchat filter in real life!