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Only A Genius Can Get 26/26 On This Difficult A To Z Australia Quiz


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  1. A) What does the word “ANZAC” stand for?

  2. B) Name the capital city of Queensland:

  3. C) And what's the capital of Australia?

  4. D) Where is Taronga's Western Plains Zoo located?

  5. E) Other than the kangaroo, what animal is on the Australian coat of arms?

  6. F) Name the group of ships that arrived at Australia in 1787:

  7. G) What's the longest mountain range in Australia?

  8. H) Name the Australian prime minister who mysteriously vanished at sea:

  9. I) Which band were responsible for the smash hit “Never Tear Us Apart”?

  10. J) What's a baby kangaroo called?

  11. K) Name the highest mountain in Australia:

  12. L) What's the awards show for Australian television called?

  13. M) What’s the name of the annual horse race that happens in November?

  14. N) Name the bushranger and outlaw known best for his homemade metal helmet:

  15. O) What major Australian landmark is in New South Wales?

  16. P) Name the duck-billed mammal that's unique to Australia:

  17. Q) Which Queen is on all current Australian coins?

  18. R) What type of sport do the Melbourne Storm, Brisbane Broncos, and Sydney Roosters play?

  19. S) Sydney Airport is otherwise known as Kingsford...

  20. T) Name the official title of the extinct Tasmanian Tiger:

  21. U) What's the Aboriginal name for the famous landmark Ayer's Rock?

  22. V) Name the yeast spread Australia's famous for:

  23. W) Name one of the two marsupials starting with “W” that are native to Australia:

  24. X) What’s the only suburb in Australia that starts with an “X”?

  25. Y) Name the freshwater crayfish that's only found in Australia:

  26. Z) And what are pedestrian crossings otherwise known as in Australia?

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