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Snoopy's Pal Woodstock Is Actually A Bloodthirsty Cannibal

Don't let that little bird fool you.

You know Woodstock, Snoopy's avian sidekick?

Yeah, he's pretty cute and all. What's not to love about a tiny yellow bird especially when he's wearing tiny little bird clothes?

But let's take it back to Thanksgiving of 1973.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a classic. And Woodstock is as charming as ever in his little pilgrim outfit.

If you've watched it to the end, you'll remember Snoopy and Woodstock having a Thanksgiving feast of their own.

And boy, was Woodstock fucking pumped to eat that turkey.

BUT WAIT, turkey is a bird just like Woodstock and Woodstock don't give a fuckkkkkk.

That's right, Woodstock is a bloodthirsty cannibal.

Happy Thanksgiving!