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17 Super Serious Wine Hacks All Wine Lovers Will Appreciate

"The red pairs nicely with the white." — Bob Belcher

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1. Don't be afraid to use a straw.

Life hack: put a straw in your bottle of wine and its technically a juice box

2. Or a spoon.

College tip: wine is considered soup if you eat it with a spoon

3. Pair wine with wine!


4. And ditch the white strips.

Tip: If you ever drink a bottle of red wine, be sure to follow it with a bottle of white wine to avoid staining your teeth.

5. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Life hack: if you drink box wine, and aren't able to make it home, blow up the bag and use it as a pillow.

6. Prioritize your spending.

Pro-Tip: If you never teach your kid about the Tooth Fairy, you can buy yourself 2-3 extra bottles of wine

8. Drink shirtless and/or pantless.

drinking wine shirtless so i wouldn't spill it on the white t-shirt i was wearing

9. Trick people into thinking you enjoy pre-workout.

Gym hack: put red wine in a blender bottle and people will assume it's just pre-workout

10. Or that you *really* like pomegranate juice.

life hack: fill Pom juice bottle with your favorite red wine to make public intoxication more fun and discreet

11. Drink in the dark.

Life hack: pour your glass of wine in the dark so you don't see how much you're pouring

12. Don't confuse thirst for hunger.

Diet tip: If you think you're hungry, you might just be thirsty. Have a bottle of wine first and then see how you feel.......

13. Use your bathroom sink as an ice bucket for easy access from the toilet or shower.

Instagram: @thelushlifeny

14. Use cheap wine to cook AND drink.

Pro tip: Always keep some cheap white wine on hand for cooking or impromptu day-drinking.

15. Stock up on red wine before a storm.

hurricane survival pro-tip: Red Wine doesn't need a fridge or ice

16. Stock up in general.

Pro tip: get 2 bottles of wine so when you get sad about the first one running out, a second one is waiting for you

17. And finally, adopt a pet so you'll never have to drink alone.

Elinor, how do you like to spend your evenings? (Drinking wine on the floor with my dog.) 🍷🐶

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