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    21 Yahoo Answers Questions That'll Make You Die A Little Inside

    "Why when I spray Axe the girls not all over me?"

    1. This person just tryna get high.

    2. And this person just tryna get bigger.

    3. This person who clearly doesn't have much experience with Virginias.

    4. Same with this kid.

    5. This mother who's just trying to understand teens and that "Tumbler" website.

    6. Typical teens!

    7. This person who swallowed a whole ice cube! Wow!

    8. And this person who needs some new white, cotton underwear.

    9. This person who probably just needs to update their phone.

    10. This person who just wants to know the truth.

    11. Same with this one.

    12. This person who's just trying to get closer to the Lord.

    13. And this person, who thinks Christian Bale already is.

    14. This kid who just wants to impress their cats.

    15. This person who is, uh, overthinking it.

    16. This human with an affinity for hamster culture.

    17. And this person trying to learn more about Canadian culture.

    18. This person who really loves that one song, you know the one?

    19. This person having printer woes.

    20. This future YouTube star.