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    21 Yahoo Answers Questions That'll Make You Die A Little Inside

    "Why when I spray Axe the girls not all over me?"

    1. This person just tryna get high. / Via Twitter: @Jocelyn_Kamouh

    "Would I get high? I'm asking for a friend?"

    2. And this person just tryna get bigger.

    3. This person who clearly doesn't have much experience with Virginias.

    4. Same with this kid. / Via Twitter: @beatsbyleet

    "I spray whole can on me today, then when i go to school no girl all over me. y??? help plz"

    5. This mother who's just trying to understand teens and that "Tumbler" website. / Via Twitter: @Nataliessspence

    "I am a mother of two kids and my eldest daughter (now 17) is making me alarmed by the amount of times she is using the word same. For example, recently I was making some homemade jam in the kitchen and she came into the kitchen. On her way back from the fridge after pronouncing that we had no food, she knocked over one of our chairs. She looked at the chair in silence for a few seconds and then said "same" and went back upstairs. What does same mean? Is it a new curse word that I don't know about from that Tumbler website? Should I be punishing her for saying it in front of her sister?"

    6. Typical teens! / Via Twitter: @Demian_Knight

    "I was listening to my ipod so I couldn't hear him"

    7. This person who swallowed a whole ice cube! Wow!

    "I'm really it stuck?"

    8. And this person who needs some new white, cotton underwear.

    "I have gotten spaghetti stains in my underwear. My white, cotton underwear. I have spaghetti stains in my white, cotton underwear."

    9. This person who probably just needs to update their phone. / Via Twitter: @memegens

    "I cracked my phone really bad today and I'm trying to take a screenshot of the cracks to put it on Instagram, but every time I screenshot like the cracks don't even show up in the picture! Is something wrong with my screenshot? Has anyone else had this problem?!"

    10. This person who just wants to know the truth.

    11. Same with this one. / Via Twitter: @splinterhamato

    "i saw a bulbasaur but it might have been lettuce but are they"

    12. This person who's just trying to get closer to the Lord. / Via Twitter: @kaudererj

    "I need a spell that will summon a Jesus to do my bidding. It's for a good cause. They say he's the most powerful spirit to set foot on the planet, even more powerful than a Balrog, and I'd like to cure cancer. Right now, preferably. Does anyone know any good incantations that summon Jesus and manifests him in a form in which he will answer direct questions with correct answers?"

    13. And this person, who thinks Christian Bale already is. / Via Twitter: @macbroccoli

    "His parents must have named him Christian for some reason?"

    14. This kid who just wants to impress their cats. / Via Twitter: @HoloIens

    "I want to poop in the litterbox , and preferably leave it there for the other cats to observe in shock and awe . Without my mom knowing ."

    15. This person who is, uh, overthinking it. / Via Twitter: @aaronh_96

    "On a microwave, if you push 60, then it will cook for 60 seconds or one minute. (Following me?)

    AND if you also press 1:00 it will cook for one minute, or 60 seconds. (Right, right?)

    OK! Well, my question is....

    If you add 1:00 + 1:00 it is = 2:00 right? So your food will cook for a total of two minutes.

    BUT if you add 60 seconds + 60 seconds it will only cook for one minute and twenty seconds. Even though 60 seconds is one minute?

    (I know, confusing question.)

    I guess to put it into simpliest terms, How come 1 minute + 1 minute = 2 minutes, but 60 seconds + 60 seconds = only one minute and twenty seconds?"

    16. This human with an affinity for hamster culture. / Via Twitter: @courtneytrouble

    "Like you know, one I can lick. Links on the Internet please"

    17. And this person trying to learn more about Canadian culture. / Via Twitter: @_HeroHeroine

    "My Dad told me its not apart of their culture, but i wasnt sure."

    18. This person who really loves that one song, you know the one? / Via Twitter: @MelodyMabale

    "I ALWAYS hear this song on the radio or when I'm up in the club but I can't find what its called...its all beats one part of the song is like this

    k like it will get real low then slowly start picking back up and it will go faster as it does

    its like
    dun dun dun dun
    dun dun dun dun
    dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun

    er er er er er er ER ER ER ER ER ER der der der der derrr

    i'm so sorry if this is bad information but i'm sure if you really think of REALLY popular techno/rave songs you could help!! thanks!!"

    19. This person having printer woes. / Via Twitter: @InnerDemonZero

    "I try to print a gif, but the picture doesn't move on the paper. Only on the computer. Is there something wrong with the printer?"

    20. This future YouTube star. / Via Twitter: @ImpetuousDanny

    "I've been calling calling calling Youtube all day to come film me but no answer. How do other people get their videos up there? I have some really funny stuff but they won't come."


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