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29 Times Tumblr Had Jokes About "High School Musical"

"Tumblr is really just a big blue High School Musical fansite and everybody knows it."

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1. The greatest lie ever told:

2. Prince Ryan:

3. Love letters from Troy:

4. The most unrealistic thing in HSM:

5. Actually, this:

6. When ball is life:

Disney / Via

7. This Nicki Minaj mashup:

Disney / Via

8. Troy's character arc:

9. The plot, basically:

10. Troy's team loyalty:

11. Tumblr learned it from Troy:

12. CLASSIC Martha:


13. The best valentine ever written:

14. High School Cockblock:

15. The most dramatic confession ever:

16. An accurate portrait of America's youth:

17. Disney Channel philosophy:

Disney / Via

18. The crowd favorite:

19. Troy's greatest lines:

20. And Chad's:

21. Yeah, Chad had some sick burns:

Disney / Via

22. The tears:

Disney / Via

23. Team RyChad:

Disney / Via

24. Awkward Troy Bolton is the most relatable thing:

25. The best dance moves:

26. The perfect symmetry:

27. The key to success:

28. The importance of HSM references:

29. The star power of Alburqurque:

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