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This Mom Uses Her Son's Wheelchair To Create Amazing Halloween Costumes

Seriously, best mom ever. H/t Today.

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Caleb McLelland was diagnosed with spina bifida before he was born and has to use a wheelchair.

Courtesy of Cassie McLelland

His mother, Cassie, told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview that she first got the diagnosis when she was 18 weeks pregnant.

When Caleb was 3 years old, his mother made him his first custom Halloween costume. Cassie said, "We thought, why not make his chair part of his costume? He has this set of wheels, let’s use that."

Courtesy of Cassie McLelland

"That’s how it started and it just went from there."


The next year, 4-year-old Caleb got to be Superman.

Courtesy of Cassie McLelland

Cassie said that the costumes "don't take terribly long," and she usually starts at least a few weeks before Halloween.

When Caleb was a year and a half old, Cassie started a blog to keep family updated about Caleb's life and progress. Since then, she's started a second blog, just to document and share costume ideas with other parents.

Courtesy of Cassie McLelland

"The blog has brought so many people together and given us such a good support group."

When asked what the one thing she'd want people to know about the disability is, Cassie said, "I'd want people to know that Caleb is so much more than his diagnosis. All kids are."

"When I was pregnant, I was terrified. The picture painted for us was grim at best. It was awful. I wish I had known then how amazing he would be. If I had just had a glimpse, I wouldn’t have been so scared."

"I want people to know that your kid is still a joy. I’m a better person because he’s here. It’s been great, it’s been an honor to be his mom."


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