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Here's Louis Tomlinson Buying Girl Scout Cookies In LA

He's a Toffee-tastic kinda guy!

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Louis Tomlinson, One Direction band member and new dad, was recently out and about in Los Angeles when what caught his eye, but a table of Girl Scouts selling cookies.

. @Louis_Tomlinson Thanks for supporting Girl Scouts as they gain 5 essential skills from selling cookies!

Louis, like the rest of us, just couldn’t help himself. Looks like he picked up some Toffee-tastics, which — fun fact — are gluten-free.

Thank U @Louis_Tomlinson 4 buying @girlscouts cookies & 4 taking time 2 take a photo w/my daughter. #beyondcool

His bodyguard on the other hand, picked up Thin Mints. Excellent selection, my dude.

NEW || More of Louis buying Girl Scout cookies in LA today!

Girl Scouts of LA truly get the best customers. Just the other day Jon Hamm bought some cookies!

@GirlScoutsLA #JonHamm bought cookies from our troop today and took a photo with our girls

Sign me up!!!


Thumbnail credit: Jason Merritt / Getty

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