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    "The Bachelorette" Contestants Are Apparently Some Of The Hottest Ever


    After the season finale of The Bachelor on March 14, it was announced that the runner-up, JoJo, would be the newest Bachelorette.

    Only a couple days after the announcement, The Bachelorette started filming and JoJo was off to meet the pool of men vying for her love.

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    Mike Fleiss, creator, writer, and producer of The Bachelorette, has since been updating Bachelor Nation via Twitter.

    JoJo is doing great. Happy and enjoying her journey!!!

    He's even shared pictures of our girl JoJo before Rose Ceremonies!


    But most exciting of all is that this is one of the hottest groups of dudes The Bachelorette has ever seen.

    According to our female crew members, this is one of the hottest casts we've ever had. #makeamericahotagain

    There are BEARDS, you guys.

    So many dudes with beards... JoJo is gonna break out the straight edge and shave one of these guys! #Bachelorette

    So it's no wonder that JoJo has already kissed 4.5 of them.

    Not sure about that .5.

    Even the conversations are getting hot and heavy.

    Some of the conversations today have been TVMA... #Bachelorette

    But that shouldn't really surprise anyone.

    Typical JoJo.

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    The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 23.

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