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    29 "Scrubs" Moments That Will Never Not Be Funny

    How has it been 15 years since this show premiered?!

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community what they thought were the funniest moments from Scrubs. In honor of the show's 15-year anniversary, here are the moments still making them laugh.

    1. When Turk made Carla regret the day she arm wrestled The Warrior.

    2. When J.D. met Julian.

    3. When Turk let out a perfectly natural fart.

    4. When Doug beat the crap out of J.D. with a fire extinguisher.

    5. When Dr. Cox enlisted Laverne's church choir to prove a point.

    6. When Turk saw an opportunity to sing "Safety Dance" and took it.

    7. And when he ignored J.D.'s calls so everyone could dance to his "Bye Bye Bye" ringtone.

    8. When Elliot tried to retaliate J.D.'s shower prank and took it a little too far.

    9. When Dr. Cox gave J.D. a very important piece of life advice.

    10. When J.D. imagined 21 years worth of Turk and Carla parenting a pumpkin.

    11. When Dr. Kelso made himself perfectly clear.

    12. When J.D. suffered from some minor injuries after Jiggly Ball.

    13. When Turk had the perfect explanation for a pancake being in the silverware drawer.

    14. When J.D. had the worst possible word choice at Carla's baby news surprise gathering.

    15. When Turk and J.D. ran around the hospital trying to reunite after Turk's honeymoon.

    16. And when they took their bromance to a new level.

    17. When the Janitor knew exactly how to make J.D. feel guilty about throwing away his shorts.

    18. When a very pregnant Jordan barged down the hallway to "Isn't She Lovely," evoking fear in the hearts of Dr. Cox and Turk.

    19. When Turk killed his audition for Ted and the Janitor's air band.

    20. When J.D. imagined bonding with his German patient over "99 Luftballons."

    21. When Elliot screeched as high as humanly possible in Coffee Bucks.

    22. When it was finally settled that J.D. loves Turk more than Carla.

    23. When it was Steak Night.

    24. When Dr. Cox didn't have time for Molly's "people are like chocolate" metaphor.

    25. When Hooch was crazy.

    26. When J.D. and Turk broke the tension with the Sanford and Son theme song.

    27. When an injured Dr. Cox reached for his badge to "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias.

    28. When Dr. Kelso really committed to blending in with the mural.

    29. And last but definitely not least, "Guy Love."

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