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14 Things Drake Looked Like At The Raptors Game Last Night

Sweater game went 0 to 100 real quick.

1. Like Mother Winslow from Family Matters:

Why is Drake at the Raptors game dressed like the grandma from Family Matters?

2. Like a supportive grandpa:

Why Drake out here at this ball game lookin like he cheering on his grandsons?? 😪😞💀

3. Like he's working on his thesis:

Why does drake look like he's at the library writing the hottest thesis paper of 2014?

4. Like George Costanza:

Just tuned into the #raptors game and saw that Drake has borrowed George Costanza's glasses.

5. Like he's trying to attract the older generation:

Duuuuuude how do people vibe to this guy's music? Drake looks like he just scooped a hoe at a retirement home.

6. Like a concerned mom:

Drake looks like a mom that doesnt want to take sides when two of her sons are arguing.

7. Like he's taking out the trash on a cold winter morning:

Drake got that sweater u put on when u gotta take out the trash in the morning and it's cold outside

8. Like he's trying to appease grandma:

@MalikRose @marczumoff speaking of Drake's sweater 😂😂😂😂 @Drake

9. Like he's really struggling in math class:

10. Like this guy's dad:

No but actually, @ZPeggins....Drake dressed up like my dad for the game.

11. Like Carlton:

Why drake dressed like Carlton banks? Why drake wearing old grandma glasses?.. Dudes looking like a white dad

12. Like his mom chose his outfit for picture day:

When your mom chooses your glasses and clothes for picture day... #RTZ #drake #drakesglasses

13. Like he stole the cleaning lady's sweater she loved so dearly:

14. Like everyone's favorite Never Nude: