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    Drake Sweetly Thanked Rihanna For Giving Him His Only No. 1 Hits

    They just mad 'cause she got the midas touch.

    Here’s some trivia for you: Drake has never had a No. 1 song of his own on the Billboard Hot 100.



    Now, Drake isn't really one to concern himself with awards and rankings, but when "Hotline Bling" came close to the top spot in October, Drake expressed that getting his first No. 1 would be “the biggest moment of my career to date.”

    Sadly, "Hotline Bling" never reached No. 1.

    While Drizzy doesn't have any No. 1s of his own, he kind of, sort of has gotten to the top thanks to Rihanna. Today, Ri's song "Work" featuring Drake reached No. 1 on The Hot 100.

    #WORK tops Billboard #Hot100!! Navy you killed it this week! #NavyRDie 🎈🔫

    "Work" is Rihanna's 14th No. 1, the second of which to feature Drake — the other being "What's My Name?"

    Even though they're technically RiRi's No. 1s, Drake is still absolutely stoked, taking to the 'gram to thank Rihanna.

    Can you guys just get together already? K thanks<3

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