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    Posted on Nov 19, 2014

    21 Mullets You'll Wish Your Boyfriend Had

    Real men have mullets.

    1. The Quintessential:

    2. The Two Mullets One Cut:

    3. The Dual-Purpose:

    4. The Long Live The '80s:

    5. The "Do You Even Lift, Bro?":

    6. The Ombré:

    7. The Greased Lightning:

    8. The "Mo' Mullet, Mo' Problems":

    9. The Globetrotter:

    10. The "I Pledge Allegiance, To The Mullet":

    11. The Mulling It Over:

    12. The Mull-hawk:

    13. The Party In The Front And Party In The Back:

    14. The "Rock Out With Your Mullet Out":

    15. The Beach Waves:

    16. The Long Hair, Don't Care:

    17. The "Woke Up Like This":

    18. The Definitely Uses Pantene:

    19. The "I Didn't Choose The Mullet Life, The Mullet Life Chose Me":

    20. The John Did'er:

    21. The "Sexiest Mullet of 2014":

    And one more of that guy for good measure.

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