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Olivia From "The Bachelor" Made It Off That Beach They Left Her On

Nothin' like a good Instagram rant.

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If you watched this week's episode of The Bachelor, then you know initial frontrunner and house villain Olivia was eliminated.


In true Bachelor fashion, Olivia was left behind as Ben The Bachelor and Emily The Twin took off in their speedboat.

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Some have speculated Olivia's still out there.

They say Olivia is still standing on that beach today. #Bachelor

Well, she's not, and judging from her most recent Instagram post, she's in pretty good spirits.

Instagram: @oliviacaridi

Her caption included an (untrue) account of her journey home, a message to the haters, and a moment of reflection on her entire Bachelor experience.

So I'd like to thank my best friend @rachelantigua for renting a kayak and picking me up on the island in the Bahamas. It was very cold out there for a while, I just made a tent with some of the rocks near the blowhole and slept near some sea crabs and turtles for comfort and friendship. I caught fish with my hands for meals. It was very difficult. But my friend just anchored near the shore days later and we floated back to the mainland during sunset. It was idyllic.

But for real -- thank you to the lovers and supporters, both friends and strangers, who have reached out. I am eternally grateful. For the haters, you've made me stronger than ever before. The girls on this show see your comments and they have feelings. Think twice before sending an insensitive message. Words hurt, and they kill, too. Don't be mean behind the screen. #AntiBullyingMonth

This has been one of the most interesting experiences of my life. I've learned a lot about myself. Good things and tough lessons. We're all human. We make mistakes. Learn from them. Let them make you wiser. Be imperfect, flawed, and quirky. And own it. Never trade your authenticity for approval. Don't be afraid to stand alone. Anyway, rant over. Can't wait for adventures ahead!

Well, Olivia certainly made the show more interesting and for that she'll be missed.

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In the meantime, LET'S GO LAUREN B!!!!!!

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