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23 Times "Degrassi" Got Way Too Fucking Real


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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community what they thought were the craziest moments from Degrassi: The Next Generation. Here are the ones they remembered most, after all these years:

1. When J.T. was stabbed and killed by a Lakehurst student during Liberty's birthday party.


"It came out of nowhere and really seemed like a senseless way to end such a happy character's run on the show. One high school party and pissing off the wrong person later and BOOM! JT is stabbed and gone."

—Shelby Stiner, Facebook

2. When Rick pushed Terri, causing her to hit her head and fall into a coma.


"When Terri and Rick were dating and his abuse escalated so much that it put her in the hospital. Growing up, I had no idea what an abusive relationship even was. Seeing that just kind of opened my eyes to horrible things that the people who claim to love you are capable of."


3. When Rick shot Jimmy at school because he wrongly believed Jimmy was responsible for the paint and feathers prank.


"I remember watching it with my sister and it was one of the most unsettling, terrifying things I had ever seen at that point."

—Molly Jane Sisson, Facebook

5. When Manny chose to have an abortion.


"The fact that she was only 14 and pregnant was already a lot but throw in an abortion and foreshadowing of Craig's bipolar disorder, it's a two-parter with a lot of emotions."


8. When Paige was raped by Dean and unable to prove it in court.


"Definitely Paige's rape followed by her breakdown and choice to go after him legally. Not only was Lauren Collins totally committed to the story but also it was just heartbreaking to watch!"

—Ricky Whitcomb, Facebook

9. When Emma contracted gonorrhea after giving Jay blow jobs in exchange for sex bracelets.


"Not only did Emma earn her oral merits but Jay gave her gonorrhea! So much to take in with one episode!"


10. When Cam killed himself.


"When Campbell killed himself my heart broke so much. Especially as I suffer with mental illness myself and had almost gotten to that point before. They did it so well and though it was hard to watch I am glad I did."


16. When Toby developed an eating disorder trying to make weight for the wrestling team.


"Still, to this day, Degrassi has been one of the only shows to show a BOY with an eating disorder. Poor Toby!"


17. When, after everything she already went through, Clare miscarried.


"Her sister tried to kill herself, her boyfriend drove his car off a cliff, she dated her step-brother, she got sexually assaulted, she got cancer, one of her best friends died, her boyfriend cheated on her, she got pregnant, AND then she had a miscarriage. Like, COME ON."

—Emma Finlayson, Facebook

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