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16 Adorable Puppies Experiencing Things For The First Time

Do you remember your puppy's firsts?

1. Puppies are a lot of work, but watching them experience new things makes it a bit easier. Like, look at Dan! It's his first time in the car!

2. And this is Ralph's first time out in public! Overwhelming, isn't it, Ralph???

3. In this pic, Ellie is walking on a leash for the very first time. She looks hesitant, but it's ok — we all believe in you, sweet girl!

4. This baby Berner survived to tell the tale of his very first bath time.

5. And as all puppies know, they can't avoid a checkup at the vet. Lucy handled it like a champ!

6. Once the basics are out of the way, there's a whole world out there for puppy to experience. I'd say Meeko's first time at the dog park was a success.

7. And look at Kobe hiking for the first time! You're doing great, Kobe!

8. How about puppies experiencing the seasons? This pup is playing in the leaves for the first time.

9. It's this pup's first time out in the snow and they went nose first!

10. Summertime means puppy pool and Sterling's first time going for a dip couldn't have gone better.

11. And Nugget loved his first time at the beach. Didn't you, Nugget?

12. Although most pups will stick to traveling on paw, others might travel far and wide. It's this pup's first time on a plane!

13. And this pup's first time on a boat. Love that life jacket, Ted!

14. This is Lady's first tennis ball. She seems to prefer chewing grass instead but she'll come around!

15. Bear and Izzy's lives are being changed in these pictures. They're tasting peanut butter for the first time.

16. And finally, one of the greatest firsts of all: puppies meeting kittens.

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