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    22 Seriously Adorable Prom Proposals Impossible To Say No To

    Kids these days!

    1. This definitely gave them something to taco 'bout.

    2. This "Blank Space" wasn't blank very long.

    3. A candlelit proposal is always perfect.

    4. Flowers and teddy bears never seem to fail either.

    5. But lesbihonest, just flowers work too.

    6. This proposal is just super clever.

    7. They betta have said yes!

    8. Now isn't this just picture perfect?

    9. What's more romantic than being surprised at the airport?

    10. Even the horses couldn't resist this proposal.

    11. And this guy didn't horse around either.

    12. Okay? More like, DEFINITELY YES.

    13. How could you not stick with this date?

    14. Even Gru would smile at this.

    15. Because no one should have to go to prom solo.

    16. Everyone loves a poet!

    17. He was probably glowing after this proposal.

    18. This could make anyone feel like a Disney princess.

    19. Looks like this proposal went swimmingly.

    20. This one is pretty sweet.

    21. And this one absolutely rules.

    22. But everyone knows the best way to one's heart is with pizza.