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17 Perfect Produce Displays That Belong In A Museum

The proof is in the produce.

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1. You probably don’t think of beauty when you think of grocery shopping — but if you’ve ever seen a freshly packed produce department, then you know it’s basically art.

2. Peppers in particular can be quite stunning:


4. It's not just peppers, though.

vegetaman3113 / Via

5. It's any well-kept wall of veggies.

6. Like these beautiful broccoli crowns and stems:

7. These scallions:

8. Can you say aspara-YES?

9. And look at these potatoes — organized AND informative!

10. No big deal but this is apparently the world's largest pineapple display:

11. And this might not be the world's largest banana display, but well done nonetheless!

12. While we're in fruit territory, check out this citrus:

13. Here are some nicely-stacked apples:

14. And these might not be red and delicious but they ARE green and organized:

15. So, yeah. Art, I say!

16. Oh, and shout-out to the produce clerks who create these masterpieces.

stephenmdangelo / Via

17. Your work is not going unnoticed!

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