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    18 Dr. Cox Moments That Were Straight-Up Savage

    "Allow me to present, Man Not Caring."

    1. When JD had big news for "sports fans."

    2. When JD let him know they were treating their patients the same way.

    3. He never really cared for any of JD's updates, tbh.

    4. When Carla asked him to stand up to Dr. Kelso.

    5. When he was just being himself.

    6. When Carla told a really bad joke.

    7. And Dr. Cox told a really good one.

    8. When he had an intern page JD when he was off.

    9. When Jordan dropped by unannounced.

    10. And when they had a lovely picnic.

    11. When Elliot asked the wrong person for makeup advice.

    12. He wasn't always the best at giving advice.

    13. When he shared a little something he likes to call Perry's Perspective.

    14. When he scolded JD for telling Kelso about a procedure scheduled for a dead patient.

    15. And when he shattered JD's dreams right then and there.

    16. When Dr. Cox had no time for JD's hair-met.

    17. Generally speaking, he never had time for JD.

    18. And almost all of Dr. Cox's rants, but especially the "Things I Don't Care About" one.

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