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    Posted on Mar 2, 2016

    Ashton Kutcher And Danny Masterson Played "Pie Face!" On "Ellen"

    Just two guys and some pies.

    Recently, Ellen DeGeneres gave Ashton Kutcher a chance to raise some money for his charity, Thorn, on her show. All he had to do was play a game of "Pie Face!"

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    Thorn builds software and other technology to help fight the sexual exploitation of children.

    You can't play "Pie Face!" without an opponent, so who better than Danny Masterson, Ashton's former That '70s Show co-star?

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    The two are also starring together in Netflix's The Ranch, which premieres in April.

    Ashton and Danny took their places, and prepared to answer some trivia questions.

    NBC / Via

    If they answered correctly, they were safe from pie. But if they answered incorrectly, Ellen would use the spinner to determine how many times they'd have to tap the pie thrower, which could go off at any time.

    The first round was pretty uneventful because Ashton answered his question correctly.

    NBC / Via

    Danny totally blew it with the second question.

    NBC / Via

    But was ultimately spared from a face of pie.

    NBC / Via

    Ashton, however, wasn't as lucky.

    NBC / Via

    After Ellen stumped him on the third question, Ashton took his turn with the pie thrower.

    NBC / Via

    And finally, we had some pie action.

    That's one happy pie face!

    NBC / Via

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