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27 Times Chris Pratt Ruined Men For You In 2016

Just your daily reminder that Chris Pratt is the best.

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2. And we were so very blessed to witness another year of all of THIS:


5. Naturally there were some incredible press tour moments including Nick Offerman asking about the size of Chris Pratt's "hog."


9. Plus, the press tour provided us with some serious gems. Like Chris Pratt cropping Jennifer Lawrence out of his photos for two weeks.

12. His interactions with J. Law were great, but it was the moments with his wife, Anna Faris, that really made ya swoon.


13. Like when Dave Bautista taught Chris how to powerbomb her and it was low-key hot.


17. And failed to impress him with a Donald Duck pancake.

19. And made a special stop at the NICU to visit the premature babies.

Chris Pratt / Via

His caption read: "Ever since Jack's premature birth, we have a special affinity for the NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit). Today I spent a little time with Coen and Zion, twins who were born too early only a pound and a half each. Thank you to the doctors and nurses at @seattlechildrens. The boys are doing fine."

20. Chris also made time for the men and women in uniform.


21. And of course, he never forgot his fans.


26. Thanks Chris Pratt for another year of laughs and overall awesomeness.