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    Posted on Nov 7, 2017

    17 Tweets That'll Make Students Who Use Moodle Laugh and Then Cry

    *slides into Moodle DMs*

    1. Chances are, if you’re in school now or ever have been you’ve probably heard of Moodle.

    Refuse to check moodle for grades bc I wanna have a good weekend

    2. And if you’ve ever had to use it, then you know you can’t escape it.

    3. Every time you go to check it, you have no idea what's waiting for you.

    4. Because either everything gets posted on Moodle...

    honeslty my most said phrase at uni is "aw fuck it who cares, it's probably on moodle anyway"

    5. ...or nothing at all.

    Anyone else have that professor that puts absolutely nothing on Moodle so your final grade is like a scratch off lottery ticket?

    6. And half the time, Moodle and your professor aren't on the same page.

    When moodle says one thing, but your professor says another

    7. I mean.

    [email to professor] Hi, I see on moodle that my quiz grade is 30%. This is incorrect. I got a 31 on that quiz. Please change it. Thank you.

    8. What is the truth?

    checking moodle is just a sick guessing game: "is this grade even accurate?" "why don't I have a grade at all?" "why am I even in school?"

    9. It's not just for checking grades though — it's also for posting to forums.

    I'm getting roasted on Moodle forum for my online class like OK Jimmy I know my post makes 0 sense but I'm trying to YOLO SENIOR YEAR

    10. You know, stirrin' the pot.

    11. Making you feel bad about yourself.

    Anyone else ever looked at your responses to Discussions on Moodle compared to your classmates' and feel like the dumbest person alive?

    12. And apparently, sliding into DMs??

    This dude slid in my Moodle dms but honestly, points for creativity

    13. Yeah, there's a lot happening on Moodle.

    Why would I pay $30 for a haunted house where I could just log into my Moodle account for free.

    14. (When it works.)

    They need to stop telling us when Moodle is down and just start telling us when it’s actually up

    15. Sure, it'd be nice to pretend like it doesn't exist.

    If you don't check moodle, do you really have homework?

    16. But what would you do without those slides on Moodle?

    ‘Now when Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowd were astounded at his teaching, and asked him “can you put these on Moodle”?’

    17. 🙏

    Moodle is the backbone of this country

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