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    13 Things Only People Named Michelle Understand

    ~Just Michelle Things~

    1. First things first, there are two camps: Michelle and Michele. The former being The Right Way to spell it.

    2. And you’ll make sure everyone knows it when you introduce yourself as Michelle With Two Ls.

    3. Still, people will find surprising ways to spell your name wrong.

    4. Sometimes you even spell your own name wrong when writing it in cursive too quickly. It’s easy to lose an L or an E at the end.

    5. The definition of Michelle (who is like God) is kind of tough to live up to.

    6. You know almost every word to “Michelle” by The Beatles because it’s been sung to you hundreds of times.

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    7. If you weren’t named after The Beatles song and you're a '90s baby like me, then maybe you were named after Michelle Tanner from Full House.

    8. Or maybe you were named after no one, because honestly there haven't been many super famous Michelles.

    9. However, these days we’ve got some great Michelles in our corner!

    10. If your nickname isn’t Shelly, it’s probably Mishi/Meesh.

    This guy heard a kid call me Michelle, stopped me and said "wait your names Michelle? I always thought it was just meesh" 😑😂

    11. You’ve been called Melissa more times than you want to remember.

    12. But worst of all were the teachers who called you Michael or Mitchell while taking attendance.

    13. So yeah, Michelle might not be the most exciting name in the world, but it’s definitely not the most basic either!

    Isn't that right, Mishi?