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    Kevin Spacey Showed Off His Impressions Again Last Night On "The Tonight Show"

    "I don't get you."

    Last night, Kevin Spacey was on Fallon and the two acted out House of Cards scenes — except the scenes were written by elementary school kids.

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    None of the kids had seen the show, and they were given zero direction.

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    Three scenes were to be acted out, and a panel of judges would decide if Kevin or Jimmy was the better actor.

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    As you can imagine, the competition was fierce and some harsh words were thrown around.

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    But once they got to acting, Kevin brought out the big guns with his A+ Christopher Walken impression.

    In the first scene, Jimmy played Wizzy, a man with a trillion cards in his house. Kevin, the garbageman, tells Wizzy to clean up his cards otherwise he'll be arrested. After a quick fight, Wizzy agrees to clean up.

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    In the second scene, Kevin plays Johnny and Jimmy plays Mike. Mike lives in a house made of cards that Johnny just couldn't resist knocking down.

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    And Kevin, upon hearing the name "Johnny," was back at it again with the impressions.

    For the final scene, Tyler (Kevin) asks Katey (Jimmy) why they never play at her house, and it turns out she's embarrassed of it because — you guessed it — it's made of cards.

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    After the three performances, the kids decided Kevin was the better actor.

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    Even if they didn't quite "get" him.

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