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    Nick Offerman Made A Pretty Good Joke About Chris Pratt's Penis

    You guyssss.

    Today, Chris Pratt did a Twitter Q&A to promote his latest movie Magnificent 7, also known as Mag 7 for short.

    Lots of questions rolled in of course, but none were as good or as important as Nick Offerman’s.

    Nick wanted to know how long Chris has been referring to his *hog* as "Mag 7", because, GET IT? HIS HOG???

    .@prattprattpratt How long have you been referring to your hog as #mag7 and aren't you selling yourself short? By 5/8"? #AskChrisPrattMag7

    He also pointed out that “7” might be a little short, since he’s heard Chris’s hog is more around the 7 and ⅝ mark.

    *Or so I've read*😏

    Luckily for all of us, Nick’s question did not go unseen and Chris replied in the best way.

    According to Chris, "Mag 7 and ⅝’’ was being a few inches too generous.

    But hey, girth matters too.

    Whether it's a Mag 7 and ⅝ or Mag 4, we're sure your hog is magnificent either way, Chris.