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17 Pictures That Are Literally You As A Dog Parent

Because dogs are family.

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1. When you consider your dog your baby:

2. And your favorite family member:

3. When your dog is way better than any person you've ever dated:

4. When your entire camera roll is pics of your dog:

5. And you need to document every momentous occasion:

6. When you want to include your dog in holiday festivities:

7. When you can't handle the sound of your dog crying:

8. When someone asks you what kind of dog you have:

"He's a mutt. Half amazing. Half terrific."
Twitter: @malloryomg

"He's a mutt. Half amazing. Half terrific."

9. When you celebrate your dog's birthday:

10. And you take it very, very seriously:

11. When someone is dog-sitting for you:

12. When you're trying to get your dog to pose:

megumbo /

13. When you're proud of your dog and everything they accomplish:

14. When you need to run errands but don't want to leave the dog home alone:

15. When you're obsessed with your dog and don't care who knows it:

16. Really, though.

17. And when you dream about the future:

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