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    Ashton Kutcher Takes Full Blame For Accidentally Teaching His Daughter The F-Word

    It happens!

    Earlier this month, Ashton Kutcher took to the ‘gram to share that his and Mila Kunis’ 22-month-old daughter, Wyatt, accidentally learned the F-word.

    Ashton seemed pretty amused by it.

    Ashton Kutcher / Via

    Over the weekend, Ashton sat down with Entertainment Tonight and revealed exactly how baby Wyatt learned the F-word.

    ET / Via

    Turns out, Ashton’s responsible. He dropped the curse word after his dog had a pee accident in the house, and Wyatt immediately picked up on it.

    ET / Via

    Like father, like daughter!

    ET / Via

    It’s NBD though. Ashton was eventually able to convince Wyatt that he was saying “fox” instead.

    ET / Via

    The joys of parenting, amirite?

    ET / Via

    Watch the full interview here!

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