19 Pictures Cat People Will Never Understand

~Just doggy things~

1. The lengths you go to for the perfect picture:

megumbo / Via imgur.com

2. The joy that all dogs bring you:

3. Even by just LOOKING at them:

4. Your dreams…

6. The importance of your dog’s big day:

7. The guilt of hanging with other dogs:

9. And the difficulty of resisting said begging:

10. Mostly because of the puppy eyes:

sosbb / imgur.com / Via reddit.com

11. Having to pet every single dog:

13. The difference a collar makes:

15. Letting your dog in just so they can be let out again:

16. The guilt tactics:

17. The appreciation for doggy butts:

18. That all dogs are puppies:

19. And the inseparable bond between human and dog:

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