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Jenna Fischer Went To See John Krasinski’s Play Because Of Course She Did

Jim and Pam forever<3

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John Krasinski is currently starring in the off-Broadway play Dry Powder.

The show opened on March 1 and is only running until May 1, so yeah, it’s impossible to get tickets.

But you know who absolutely wouldn’t miss it for the world??? JENNA FISCHER!


Last night, Pam, I mean Jenna, went to see Dry Powder and Jim, I mean John, posted this adorable selfie of the two of them!!!

And if that's not enough to wreck you emotionally, Jenna shared the same photo and complimented John on his performance.

Watched this guy kick ass onstage last night. #DryPowder @johnkrasinski #jamitout

John may have denied that he and Jenna were ever "genuinely in love," but IDK, THE PEOPLE CAN DREAM, CAN'T WE???

Instagram: @johnkrasinski



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