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    21 Pictures You'll Only Understand If You're Introverted

    Alone time is the best time.

    1. Your idea of a good time:

    Syndication / Via Twitter: @bitchprblmz

    2. Mentally preparing to make a phone call:

    3. Having a small circle of friends:

    E / Via

    Happens every time you actually want plans.

    4. Enjoying being alone:

    5. But not in social settings:

    6. Otherwise this happens:

    7. Being "the quiet one" at work:

    NBC / Via Twitter: @bustle

    8. And in school:

    9. And this happening when you do speak up:

    10. Actually, speaking aloud in general:

    20th Century Fox / Via Twitter: @relatablequote

    11. Meeting new people:

    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @RelatableQuote

    12. And building trust:

    13. Preferring the company of books:

    14. And/or animals:

    15. Being encouraged to leave the house:

    16. And wishing you never left it:

    17. And then needing to recharge:

    Columbia Pictures Television / Via

    18. Your one true pairing:

    19. Seriously, though:

    20. The worst kind of regret:

    21. And the best kind of relief:

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