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    10 New Drake Lyrics That Make Perfect Instagram Captions

    What would we do without you, Drake?

    This past Thursday, Drake blessed us by releasing his latest mixtape/album, If You're Reading This It's Too Late.

    Young Money / Via Twitter: @Drake

    New Drake music means a fresh assortment of lyrics to pair with your Instagram photos.

    Posting on Instagram for the next month using drake lyrics only


    Posting on Instagram for the next month using drake lyrics only

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    There's plenty of lyrics to choose from off the 17-song album, but here are some of the most Instagram worthy:


    Song: "Legend"

    Perfect for: When you're about to participate in risky behavior i.e, skydiving, binge drinking, going to the mall on a Friday night.


    Song: "10 Bands"

    Perfect for: When you're a changed man for whatever reason.


    Song: "No Tellin'"

    Perfect for: When you and your squad got the club goin' up on a Tuesday.


    Song: "Know Yourself"

    Perfect for: A selfie proving you're in a better place without that fake-ass friend who just stabbed you in the back.


    Song: "Jungle"

    Perfect for: Pics of you and your boo, especially on anniversaries.


    Song: "6 Man"

    Perfect for: When you just cooked the best damn meal and you want everyone to know it.


    Song: "6 God"

    Perfect for: Photos of your sorority or date night pics with your significant other.


    Song: "6PM In New York"

    Perfect for: That extra special #tbt you've been saving.


    Song: "Company"

    Perfect for: The hundredth pic of your precious pup.


    Song: "Star67"

    Perfect for: I think you know what to do.

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