18 Arguments Every '00s Teen Had With Their Parents


    1. When you legit had no idea how you went over your monthly text limit.

    2. When you couldn't understand what was so awful about wanting Fall Out Boy lyrics tattooed on your arm.

    3. When you fought for your own phone line, even after seeing When A Stranger Calls.

    4. When you destroyed your first Apple product of many more to come.

    5. When you defended your prized collection of illegally downloaded music.

    6. When your parents thought you were overdoing it with the eyeliner.

    7. Or worse, when you defended your boyfriend's use of "guyliner."

    8. When your parents were overly concerned about that new site Myspace.

    9. When you were way too busy taking care of your Sims family to do homework.

    10. When you were trying to get your DDR on but your parents appeared and made everyone uncomfortable.

    11. When you tried explaining that if Mariah Carey could wear a jersey dress, you could too.

    12. When your parents wanted you to "turn that racket down" even though My Chemical Romance was anything but.

    13. When you demanded an extended curfew so you could have more time to "hang out" at the mall.

    14. When you refused to be blamed for those porn-related pop-ups on the family computer.

    15. When your parents were less than thrilled about your idolization of Britney Spears.

    16. When you were trying to get your flirt on via AIM and suddenly someone else needed the computer.

    17. When you got busted trying to have a house party like Aaron's.

    18. When your not-so-super Sweet Sixteen didn't even come close to what you saw on MTV.