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Freddie Benson From "iCarly" Is A Total Babe Now

Carly should have locked that shit down when she had the chance.

Remember Freddie Benson, the geeky but adorable kid who dealt with the technical side of Carly and Sam's web show?

Poor Freddie was the vulnerable friend, the one that was easy to pick on because he was too nice to stand up for himself.


Freddie Benson aka Nathan Kress is now 22 and totally hot.

Yep, he's a grown-ass man with some grown-ass abs.

And he's still just as geeky as Freddie was!

When ya get invited to a zombie-hunter party, but you already have a costume figured out cause you've been waiting for this your WHOLE LIFE👍

In'n'Out, Doctor Who, LEGO, and Adventure Time. I dare you to find a better way to spend a Sunday night. @Strawburry17

He just has muscles and a beautiful patch of chest hair...

...and abs. Did I mention abs already?

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it did:

To conclude: Nathan Kress is perfect.

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