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    North West Adorably Told Kim Kardashian She's Afraid Of Snapchat

    "I scared of Chop Chop."

    Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian finally decided to grace us with her presence on Snapchat.

    It was only a matter of time until North West made an appearance, and yesterday, North had something to say about her mom's new app.

    While Kim poses for the camera, North can be heard saying something that sounds like, "I scared of Chop Chop."

    Kim clarifies for North saying, "You're scared of Snapchat? Oh, the filters with the scary faces." And later sent a snap featuring Northie herself.

    To be fair, there are definitely some scary filters on Snapchat. For example, no little kid would want to see their mom look like this.

    It's OK, North! Everyone's afraid of something.