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    21 Times “Jersey Shore” Was So Extra It Was Endearing


    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the craziest moments they remember from Jersey Shore. This is just a small sample of the insane shit that went down on that show:

    1. When Snooki got so trashed she couldn't find the beach.

    2. The "Where's the beach?" incident was quickly followed by her tragic arrest.

    😭 😭 😭

    3. And speaking of arrests, never forget when that high school gym teacher punched poor Snooks in the face.

    4. When someone (Vinny) actually flushed their undershirt, clogging the toilet for a good two weeks.

    5. When Mike "The Situation" enjoyed an egg sandwich while watching Pauly D's "slam session."

    6. Two words: THE NOTE.

    7. And in case round one of Sammi Sweetheart vs. JWoww wasn't enough, round two was just as insane.

    8. JWoww also clocked Mike in Atlantic City.

    9. And perhaps the most iconic Jersey Shore fight was in Italy, when The Situation took on a concrete wall.

    10. When Deena brought home a girl, decided mid-makeout she wasn't into chicks, and passed the girl off to Vinny.

    11. When Ron broke everything in Sammi's room — including her seeing glasses!!!

    12. When Snooki crashed into a cop car in Italy.

    13. All the pranks! Like when Deena and Snooki thought they were going to Jenks but instead Mike ordered them a cab to Times Square.

    14. When Ron, Sam, and Snooki sprinkled and smeared cheese all over Mike's bed.

    15. And when Mike let JWoww's dogs go on a pissing and shitting spree around the house.

    16. When Snooki's ass was super itchy after a spray tan so she backed it up into a mini fridge.

    17. When Mike's ex got him good by sending him a cake — which he and Pauly devoured — that some dude's balls had touched.

    18. And perhaps in the messiest series of events, when Team Meatball got so trashed Deena danced her bottoms off...

    19. ...Snooki flew into a bush...

    20. ...Deena flashed her bush...

    "All I know is, Deena needs a wax." —JWoww

    21. ...and then they finished the night off with a makeout sesh.

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