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23 Dogs Who've Out-Dogged Themselves

We are not worthy.

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1. This dog who just wanted fuller lips.

2. This dog who's got the best seat in the yard.

3. This dog who won't let a time-out bring him down.

4. And this one who will let you out.


5. This dog who's quite content in his newfound bed, thank you very much.

6. This dog who just doesn't get hammocks.

7. This dog who's clearly winning.

8. This dog who loves a cool breeze against her gums.

9. This dog who hates it.

10. And this one who's found an interesting alternative to sticking his head out the window.

11. This dog who's not sure how to bath.

12. And this one who's not sure how to lay down.

13. This dog who prefers his own company.

14. This dog who almost fit.

15. This dog who finally figured out a good use for the cat.


Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 / Flickr: robynanderson

17. This dog who saw an opportunity to taste the rainbow and took it.

Elizabeth Henkel / Via

18. This dog who fetches trees, not sticks.

19. This dog who you do NOT want to tailgate.

Rufus T Firefly / / Via

20. This dog who really doesn't mind being stuck.

21. And this one, who probably does.

22. This dog who knows ball is life.

23. And this one who doesn't quite know what ball is.

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