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21 Barbie Computer Games You Totally Forgot Existed


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1. Barbie Fashion Designer

Once you picked a theme like Dream Date, Vacation Fun, or Wedding Fantasy, you got to dress your girl Barbie however you liked. THEN, after several minutes of loading, you watched Barbie walk the runway rocking your creation.

2. Barbie Magic Hair Styler

Whether you chose Costume Party or Dream Date, the hair options were limitless for Barb and her pals. You had full hair-control, AND access to makeup and accessories.

3. Detective Barbie in the Mystery of the Carnival Caper

Detective Barbie stops at nothing to find her beloved Ken, who disappeared during a magic show trick. The best part of this game had to be the rides though, including the Tunnel of Love where Barbie freakin' water skied off ramps shaped like swans.

4. Barbie Ocean Discovery

Not only was Barbie a marine biologist, but this girl could breathe underwater — unlike the villain Captain Barnacle. This was undoubtedly an advantage in the race to find the secret treasure.


5. Barbie Storymaker

You set the scene, chose your characters, and choreographed their movements. Dialogue, sound, and special effects were also possible. Storymaker was just like playing with dolls except it was VIRTUAL.

6. Barbie Generation Girl Gotta Groove

With an assortment of dance cards that each featured a different move, you created the perfect dance routine by ordering them however you pleased. It all led up to the big performance at the end.


13. Barbie Magic Genie Adventure

Genie Barbie loses her magic power gems, and you have to help her find them AND save her kingdom. What's better is this game came with a blue and pink genie bottle that you could use as a controller.


21. Barbie Riding Club

Riding Club was THE club to be in. Not only did you get to care for your horse by feeding it and grooming it, but you also got to ride her through the trails and hills of Secret Valley — which, as the name implies, was full of secrets.