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    Here's Who "Bachelor" Alumni Think Ben Higgins Is Choosing Tonight

    Team Lauren B. or Team JoJo?

    The season finale of The Bachelor is finally here, and though Ben told both JoJo and Lauren B. he loves them, only one can take home that final rose.


    Ben has already confirmed that he's engaged, and tonight we will finally find out to who.


    But who do the former contestants think is taking home the ring and the rose? During last week's The Women Tell All episode, Entertainment Tonight got the scoop.

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    Caila, who made it to the Top 3, said, "I see a little bit more of a connection with Lauren B."

    Most alumni agreed with Caila, but Jubilee came through for JoJo. She told ET that she's "Team JoJo all the way."

    But, wait: Amanda, who made it to the final four, voted Lauren B. saying, "I'd be pretty surprised if she didn't get the final rose and the ring."

    Note that Amanda and Lauren B. are tight. Apparently, they're Monica-Rachel tight.

    So yeah, I guess Amanda would be surprised if Lauren didn't win becAUSE SHE DEF KNOWS THAT SHE ALREADY HAS.

    Or maybe that's what she wants us to think???



    We'll know the truth soon, Bachelor Nation.


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