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Christmas On Instagram Vs. Christmas In Real Life

The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is Instagramming it for all to leer.

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Christmas trees on Instagram.

Christmas trees in real life.

Family Christmas cards on Instagram.

Family Christmas cards in real life.

Wrapping gifts on Instagram.

Wrapping gifts in real life.

Christmas cookies on Instagram.

Christmas cookies in real life.

Outdoor decorations on Instagram.

Outdoor decorations in real life.

Warner Bros

Gingerbread houses on Instagram.

Gingerbread houses in real life.

Santa Claus in real life.

Miramax / Via

Elf on the Shelf on Instagram.

Elf on the Shelf in real life.

Festive nails on Instagram.

Festive nails in real life.

The mall in real life.

20th Century Fox

Baby's first Christmas on Instagram.

Baby's first Christmas in real life.

Ugly sweater parties on Instagram.

Ugly sweater parties in real life.

Christmas morning on Instagram.

Christmas morning in real life.

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