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    12 Ways You Can Instagram Like Lauren Conrad

    All hail the Instagram goddess.

    It's no secret that Lauren Conrad has a strong Instagram game. Her account is pretty, flowery, and very on brand.

    And while we all can't be LC, we can at least try to 'gram like her.


    1. Find filters you like and stick to them.

    Out of Lauren's last 60 photos, more than half of them were filtered with Reyes, Nashville, or Gingham. These filters all have a similar warm, dreamy effect on photos and that's why Lauren's entire account has a specific feel to it.

    2. Switch up your angles.

    Instagram: @laurenconrad

    There are so many ways to take a photo of the same subject, but the right angle can make all the difference. Lauren probably stood on a freakin' ladder for this picture, but it was worth it for the 'gram, don't you think?

    3. Keep your composition interesting.

    LC is always playing around with the placement of things in her photos. That first picture of her sunglasses, hat, and passport could have been super boring, but because she angled the objects and cropped the edges, it's not.

    4. Recognize a good sky when you see one.

    Good sunsets are an Instagram staple, and when there's a nice sky, everyone will be uploading photos of it. It's OK to hop on the sky bandwagon, but try and find ways to make your 'gram standout like LC did with silhouettes and doggies.

    5. Remember that not every photo has to be posed.

    Instagram: @laurenconrad

    If Lauren and her friend had stood there with arms over each other's shoulders, it'd still have been a nice photo. But the fact that it looks candid and spontaneous makes it a tiny bit more likable.

    6. Blur that background.

    This might be easier said than done when you're working with a phone camera, but sometimes it's just as simple as making sure you focus on the subject closest to you before snapping the shot. You can also use the tilt-shift effect in Instagram, though it won't work great on every picture.

    7. Don't be afraid to humblebrag.

    LC does cool things all of the time because she's LC. But for the rest of us who maybe get out of the house once a month, there's no shame in documenting it on Instagram. Don't think about it as bragging, think about it as preserving the memories.

    8. Share pics of your pets.

    Instagram: @laurenconrad

    If you have a pet, you're probably already doing this. But the key here is balance. LC uploads pics of her dogs every once in a while, so she isn't flooding anyone's feed with her dog pics.

    9. Take pictures of flowers.

    OK, so you might not have flowers lying around all the time like Lauren does. But if you happen to be in the presence of flowers, or any type of nature, do what Lauren Conrad would do, and Instagram the shit out of them.

    10. Take those same flowers and cover your things with them.

    Without the flowers, these photos might have been too monochromatic. But the petals really add a nice, subtle pop of color to both images. And while it's not 100% clear what either photo is of, it doesn't really matter, because whatever it is, it looks good covered in flowers.

    11. Share things you're proud of.

    Instagram: @laurenconrad

    We're not all clothing designers and authors of multiple books like our girl LC, but everyone has something they're proud of. Your friends (if they're good friends) will be happy for you, no matter how small or large the accomplishment.

    12. Don't forget to selfie.

    Hey, if you're feeling your look and take a photo of yourself that you actually like, why not share it? There's nothing wrong with taking a moment to embrace your face and be proud of who you are.

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