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    16 Adorable Alarm Clocks Guaranteed To Wake You Up

    You won't want to press snooze!

    1. This alarm stands on top of you and never loses eye contact:

    2. This one is multi-purpose and doubles as a backscratcher:

    3. This one whimpers softly at your bedside:

    4. But if you're a heavy sleeper, this one might be better:

    5. This alarm makes its presence known, and even helps you up:

    6. This one uses a paw-kiss combo:

    7. This alarm goes right for the ears:

    8. This one gently taps you awake:

    9. And this one isn't very gentle at all:

    10. This alarm works best with a laser pointer:

    11. This one gets all up in your face:

    12. While this one gets all up in your shirt:

    13. This alarm could potentially suffocate you:

    14. And this one might eat you up if you don't get a move on:

    15. This one will kill you with cuteness:

    16. And this one might actually kill you:

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