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    Mar 5, 2015

    21 Reasons Puppies Are Basically Furry Drunk People

    Go home puppies, you're drunk!

    1. They have no self-control, especially around food.

    Fox 2000 Pictures / Via

    2. And they're incapable of knowing when they've had too much.

    3. They're really good at making a mess.

    4. They'll never hesitate when it comes to peeing in public.

    5. They lack all coordination.

    Animal Planet / Via

    6. They think they look really good, but they actually look really derp.

    7. The proof is always in the pictures.

    8. They hang out with those they promised themselves they wouldn't.

    9. Sometimes even kiss them.

    10. Or most regrettably, sleep with them.

    11. They almost always forget to use their indoor voice.

    12. And they cry for inexplicable reasons.

    13. They overestimate what they're capable of.

    14. They have little shame.

    15. They can fall asleep practically anywhere.

    16. No matter what they are doing.

    Jennifer Zhai / / Via

    17. And they do not like to be woken up.

    18. They make questionable decisions.

    19. And often end up in situations they can't explain.

    20. And even when they get really sloppy... / Via

    Yes, this is a puppy.

    21. ...they'll always try hard to play it cool.

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