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    Aubrey Plaza Scares The Shit Out Of Children On Halloween

    "I really like to make them cry."

    Anna Faris recently hosted a mini Parks and Recreation reunion when she interviewed Aubrey Plaza and Retta for her podcast, Anna Faris Is Unqualified.

    After reminiscing about a Halloween episode of Parks and Rec, the conversation transitioned into how Aubrey dresses up as an evil sea hag/witch every year.

    But she doesn’t just dress up — she takes it to the next level. “Last year, we set up a trap for the children,” Aubrey said.

    “We had the door open, the lights are off, we had scary music blasting out of the house, and then we had one spotlight on a bucket of candy that’s just past the doorway,” she continued.

    Aubrey is, of course, hiding behind the door. “Once they get really close to the candy and put their hand in, I just jump up and I’m like ‘AHHHHHHH’ and I scare the shit out of them.”

    “Some of them cry... I really like to make them cry.”

    Never change, Aubrey.