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    Posted on Apr 5, 2016

    Ellen DeGeneres Let John Travolta's 16-Year-Old Daughter Parallel Park Her Car

    Parallel parking is THE WORST.

    Yesterday, John Travolta stopped by The Ellen Show and brought his daughter Ella along.

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    Ella just turned 16 a couple days ago and is eligible to get her driver’s license next month.

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    But Ella still hasn't tried parallel parking, the most dreaded portion of the driver's test.

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    Ellen decided to help a girl out and offered Ella her car to practice with.

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    It went about as well as you'd expect for a 16-year-old who's never parallel parked.

    We've all been there, right?


    😁 😁 😁

    John was supportive throughout the experience.

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    But Ellen was out of there so fast.

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    Don't worry, Ella. You still have a month to practice!

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